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Bicycle Health is an industry leader in online Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) treatment, offering treatment entirely though a mobile app. We partnered with Bicycle to evolve the patient experience with a lean mentality.

Bicycle Health
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Bicycle Health is an industry leader in online Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) treatment. By offering Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in a private, entirely online setting, Bicycle can reduce the cost and logistical barriers to entry for those looking to break the cycle of addiction.

Bicycle patients access care through their mobile app. As a fast-growing company blazing a trail in online addiction care, Bicycle is constantly learning to align its product development priorities to serve its patients’ needs best. To effectively chart the optimal course for their patient experience, Bicycle needs a strong internal collaboration function to drive decision-making and product definition.


Our team partnered with Bicycle to manage the patient experience by partnering with stakeholders across the executive, clinical, operational, and engineering teams. We used OKRs defined at the executive level to build a roadmap by aligning stakeholder asks with high-level company objectives. We then iterated on top priority items to drive definition and negotiate product requirements using cross-functional teams comprised of non-technical stakeholders, engineering, design, and analytics. Guided by the Build-Measure-Learn ethos, we implemented our 12-step product development process to successfully and consistently take features all the way to production.

Our favorite part about working with the Bicycle team was their unparalleled levels of empathy and commitment to those in recovery. While choosing direction can be tedious and ambiguous for any startup, everyone on the team had very insightful ideas about how we could evolve the patient experience. We put together a series of visual concept sessions to capture that shared “lightning in a bottle” inspiration. In these sessions, we paired team members from every corner of the company with a talented UI/UX designer to rank and visually codify the most desired features based on impact and clarity.


Our processes, paired with the Bicycle team’s inexhaustible commitment, have yielded multiple successful project launches that directly impacted key performance metrics such as operational efficiency, provider utilization, and clinical care. The sentiment of patients and providers alike echoed the measurable qualitative impact as they celebrated 10x improvements. Our design sprints also yielded a set of high-definition visualizations that will serve as a shared touchstone for future product generations.

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