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RPM Solution

Heal is an industry leader in home health. When they needed to bring their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution in-house under a tight deadline, GPG worked closely with their internal team to make it happen.

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Heal is a tech-forward provider of telehealth and home health services to at-risk patient populations. When a key technology vendor that Heal relied on for remote patient monitoring announced they would be discontinuing the platform, Heal needed to build a solution that would secure existing functionality and enable future product evolutions. Although the Heal’s team counts engineering among their core competencies, resources had already been committed to critical roadmaps items for months in advance.


Our team worked with Heal to understand the existing capabilities of their remote patient monitoring program and how it propelled better patient outcomes. We also mapped out the key features needed to support the product’s next-gen growth strategy. With a clear scope defined, we worked backwards from the vendor discontinuation date to plan and execute on a timeline that included development, internal alpha testing, closed beta testing with select patients and a full production rollout.

Heal Hub prototype


Heal was able to roll out the next generation of their remote patient monitoring platform well in advance of the vendor discontinuation date — we were even able to build out additional features that took advantage of the new hardware form factor. Following the successful launch, our team worked with their in-house engineers on a comprehensive hand off strategy.

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