Dell Employee Transportation


We partnered with Dell's internal transportation department to build a better system for managing the transporting thousands of employees in dozens of cities.

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Dell Technologies is a unique set of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future by providing computer hardware, consultancy, and BPO services.

Dell provides commuter shuttle services to thousands of employees in dozens of locales.

Rosters for these shuttle services were manually created in order to batch together proximal pickups and drop offs for shared routes. After the routes and rosters had been calculated, distribution was also manually handled via email and SMS. Due to the high labor and communication costs of this process, shuttles regularly fell behind schedule and updates to route itineraries often went out of date before they could be communicated.


We worked closely with Dell’s transportation department to understand and document their systems. With the people, processes, and hardware in view, we developed an automated transportation system with three user-facing apps: A native Android app for logistics supervisors, a native Android for shuttle drivers, and a React Native app for employees for use on iOS or Android.


With an automated transport management system in place, supervisors were able to get real time updates for itinerary changes and route updates. Drivers no longer had to ask for directions and addresses over the phone for pickups, as all routes and navigation were shown in-app at the beginning of each shift.

Employee satisfaction also saw a measurable boost with much needed improvements to the commuter trip experience, such as instant modification of pickups and dropoffs, integrated PTO schedules, and additional safety features.

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