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We built a template for streaming real-time patient health data directly into a provider's EHR

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Any tech-powered medical practice knows...

Dealing with EHRs is way harder than it should be. Even with API-first solutions, data interoperability and feature extensibility are two barriers that constantly threaten to derail product development. We've seen both of these challenges play out firsthand when providers try to integrate with patient health data coming from wearables or Bluetooth-enabled medical devices. That's why we recognize and appreciate the work the Medplum team is doing to bring a new open source industry standard EHR implementation.

We helped demonstrate the full potential of their solution by creating a case study for streaming remote patient data from Apple's iOS HealthKit directly into a provider's EHR using HL7's FHIR standard data representations. We look forward to seeing these open standards gain wider adoption!

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