Platform Development

We helped with Sphinx chat, a decentralized social platform and Stillmark portfolio company, build a cross-platform solution using the latest technologies.

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Challenge is a decentralized social platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning network. Guided by Bitcoin’s principles of decentralization, value-for-value exchange, and self-sovereignty, Sphinx aims to evolve the way we work remotely. In order to streamline development for users on all platforms, the Sphinx team partnered with GPG to port their existing native application over to the Jetpack Compose.

With several open source applications already in production, much of the key logic was already defined. Since Sphinx Chat leverages the Lightning Network for both payment and data transfer, they required a team withboth an understanding of their unique stack and technical expertise in Jetpack Compose.


We paired engineers with expertise in Lightning and Jetpack Compose together to collaborate with the core Sphinx team. Our team members worked entirely within the Sphinx ecosystem, using their project management tools and Sphinx chat to communicate — even dog-fooding each new build ourselves. With bi-weekly stand-ups, a Kanban style workflow, weekly releases, and hands-on user testing from the entire team we quickly hit our stride.


By partnering with GPG, Sphinx team multiplied their bandwidth to make rapid progress on a technical transition for their core product offering. Their in-house team was free to continue work on features with maximum customer impact without needing to get pulled away to another project.

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